Saturday, 21 April 2018

A few days in April

Coming off the back of a long, cold March, April has been late in its unfolding. But even then its not been predictable and my forearms are still smarting from a 25° (77°) day in Wolfscote Dale. Which, in itself, was an upside down day of fishing. Five fish in four hours was not exactly prolific but the surroundings were sublime and so I shall not complain.

As you can see, the water was crystal clear and with no clouds in the sky I wasn't expecting a lot of action anyway. So when the strikes came I was more than happy. But the fish were either drunk or have been thrown out by the weather's unpredictability. Three trout came to beadhead nymphs. Two to a PTN-style 3mm natural tungsten bead on a #14 jig hook. Rather than pheasant's tail I used Andrew's Scruffy Dubbing in his 'Cinnamon' blend with a Hends sparkly collar and coq-de-leon tail. The other two were grayling and they both came to a waterhen bloa lightly greased with floatant (red Mucilin) across the back.

So, get this. Mid-April and the grayling are rising whilst the trout are taking sparkly nymphs. The mad little bastards.

That was Thursday. Before that I was out on the Derwent on Sunday evening for a couple of hours. Five grayling. The Sunday before that the Dove gave me seven grayling. I was, of course, looking for trout as the season demands. Those fish, they just don't have a clue.

This was the Derwent on the 15th

I half expect to see leaves on the trees by this time. Hopefully this blog will help me keep track. In the shadow of the hope of the hatches and rises to come I've tied some Kite's Imperials as I had some heron feathers in need of a use.

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  1. Hi Andrew!

    I've been reading through your blog for the past few hours - it's brilliant!

    It's refreshing to see someone making fly fishing in the UK accessible, even if it's just via a collection of well written blog posts.

    I'm an expat Australian who grew up on fishing for trout in wild mountain streams (completely free of charge and red-tape), and I've never really known where to start with finding somewhere to fish in the UK. The system seems to lock newcomers out, which I can completely understand!

    I'm going on a camping trip to Edale this weekend, and while my intentions are to just setup camp, read a book, and get some headspace for the weekend, I couldn't help but google fishing streams nearby - bringing me here!

    I'd love to pick your brains about how to actually get onto a river in the area without needing to sell my soul. I've never been one to care if I actually catch anything, I'm just craving some river time.

    If you're up for it I'd love to exchange emails so I can pick your brains. If not, then keep up the good work.